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Why Do I Need An Inventory?

  • Renting property can be a tricky business, for both landlords and tenants.  A poorly prepared inventory can prove to be costly for the landlord and make it impossible for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to determine any loss or damage to the property or its contents.
  • InventoryAs Inventory specialists we take a detailed & accurate record of the condition and contents of a property (i.e. the inventory) before it is rented out by a landlord.
  • We can then return to the property with the new tenants before the commencement of the tenancy to go through the inventory (i.e. the check in). When the tenancy expires, we can return to the property to compare the original condition with the end-of-tenancy condition (i.e. the check out). The refund of the tenants’ full deposit is usually dependent upon the state in which he or she leaves the property, excluding fair wear and tear.